Thank you for contacting Animal Care Center of NH & Professional Pet Sitting Etc for your pet care needs.


By filling in the required information below, we will start you on our "Getting to know us" email series. Our emails are jammed packed with information.


When you are ready to use our services, you will need to become a registered client with us and complete your personalized pet care profile. To take proper care of your pets we need a full profile with lots of information.


We have TWO programs that are VERY different and ask different questions.

  • Our Pet Sitting Program asks about pets but we need home information and more to take the best care possible for in your home pet care. These visits are scheduled different than at our facility
  • Our Facility program asks questions that pertain to daycare, boarding, grooming, training, etc.

We advise you to Register and create personal profiles in EACH program. This way you will be covered for pet care no matter if we become full in one area, we most likely can help in another. Making sure you are good to go no matter if you have an emergency or a much needed vacation.


Let us know you wish to become registered, for which program and we will send your username and password.

You can let us know by writing in the box below - I want to get registered with Animal Care Center OR Professional Pet Sitting (OR BOTH) or just reply to any of our emails that you want to become a registered client.

Then just go to client login and complete every question for your personalized pet care profile.

It takes most people about 15-20 minutes to complete.

We will need all information for each pet, home info, emergency people.

Then call our office, leave a voice message with payment (and home access info for pet sitting).


Once your profile information is approved the next business day, you will be able to see your information and make changes. we will let you know if something is missing or needs clarification.

When your profile is complete you are ready to go.

You can now make a reservation 365 days per year!!

Thanks for your interest in Professional Pet Sitting Etc.!