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How do I deal with Holidays?

On many holidays you probably do business differently.  Some clients cancel visits, some request extra visits, or perhaps all visits are canceled.  You may charge clients extra and pay sitters extra for visits on some holidays.  LeashTime helps you deal with these scenarios.


Identifying Holidays

If you go to ADMIN > Surcharges you will see a list of Holiday Surcharges.  You can add more holidays and make holiday surcharges active or inactive.  Surcharges are discussed more fully in the LeashTime How-To Guide and the Surcharges video.  You don't necessarily have to charge anything extra or pay anything extra for holiday surcharges; they can be used to simply mark holidays.


Holiday Surcharges

In ADMIN > Surcharges you can specify how much extra a client must pay for a service and how much extra a sitter is to be paid for work performed on a holiday.  You can add surcharges manually to short term (EZ) schedules, and any holiday surcharges marked "automatic" will be created automatically whenever visits are added to short term schedules.


Surcharges are not automatically added to ongoing (recurring) schedules.  Instead, a set number of days before an upcoming holiday, LeashTime sends you a system notification reminding you of the holiday.  (The number of days LeashTime looks ahead for holidays is specified in ADMIN > Preferences > Holiday Preferences.  It defaults to 7 days).  The notification includes a link to the Holiday Visits page (also available at SCHEDULE > Holiday Visits).


The Holiday Visits Page

This page (SCHEDULE > Holiday Visits) shows you all visits on upcoming holidays within a certain number of days that belong to ongoing schedules.  The number of days LeashTime looks ahead for holidays is specified in ADMIN > Preferences > Holiday Preferences.  On this page you can:

  • Ask clients to confirm cancellation of selected visits
  • Cancel selected visits
  • Add surcharges to selected visits


The idea of this page is to deal with ongoing schedule exceptions in an organized way.  Whether you want to cancel visits or arrange for your recurring customers to pay more on particular holidays, you can do it all here.  See the Help button on the page for more details.

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