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Can LeashTime send me an emergency backup schedule in case the service becomes unavailable?

The Master Schedule Email Feature

LeashTime depends on technology, and sometimes technology fails.

Although the LeashTime server is very reliable as a rule, temporary service outages are possible, and the chain of technology that connects you to LeashTime is vulnerable to occasional failure also; internet connections can get wonky, browsers can get out of whack, and the computers and mobile devices at our fingertips can fail us.  But your animal clients and their human owners still depend up on you to show up and provide them with care, so LeashTime offers a rolling Master Schedule email feature.

Every day at around 3 am, LeashTime can email one or more of your business's managers and administrators a Master Schedule that describes your services for a period of up to 14 days starting that day.  You can store that email locally or print it out to have on hand just in case something goes wrong.

Here is how to configure the feature:

Go to ADMIN > Preferences and click on the "Sitter Schedule Notifications" section.  Inside you will find a link to the "Sitter Schedule Email Preferences" dialog.  The lower section of this dialog specifies whether the Master Schedule will be sent at all, who it will be sent to, and how many days of service the schedule will include.


The resulting email looks something like this:


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