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How can I accept Credit Card Payments through LeashTime?

The basics for accepting client credit cards in LeashTime are:

You need to have a relationship with one of the gateway companies LeashTime deals with: currently only  As with all its web communication, LeashTime transmits credit card information encrypted.

Once you have entered your gateway merchant information in LeashTime and specified which payment types and credit cards you will accept, a manager can start entering client credit card information, and your clients can enter their own credit card information.  Once the credit card number and security code are saved, LeashTime never reveals them again, to the manager or credit card owner or to anyone.

Managers with special permission can enter client credit cards and bill client credit cards and refund to cardit cards.  As an added security measure, after 15 minutes of credit card-related inactivity, the manager is required to provide her LeashTime password before performing the next credit card-related action.  Managers can bill client credit cards from the client profile Account tab (when paying off invoices or simply entering payments), and for clients who agree to AutoPay, they can bill client credit cards from the Invoices and Billing pages.

Managers can review client credit card activity in the client profile Billing tab and they can review a report on which clients have an expired card or no card on file.

Clients will be able to make one-time credit card payments securely from the LeashTime website soon.


Please contact Leashtime support if you any questions.

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