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How do I set up my Merchant Account (credit card processing) in LeashTime?

LeashTime currently works with the following credit card gateways:

  • Sage
  • TSYS (TransFirst)


For users

If you log in to you will be able to obtain your Merchant Key (also known as the "API Login Key".  To find it, click on the Settings link in the Account section of the menu on the left side of the page.  In the Settings page, go to the Security Settings section and click the "API Credentials & Keys" link,  In that section you will find your API Login ID, which should be copied exactly to the "Merchant Login" line in LeashTime's Credit Card Merchant Information.  You will need both the API Login ID and the Transaction Key to access through LeashTime.  To get a Transaction Key, you must obtain a New Transaction Key and copy that exactly to LeashTime as well.  Bear in mind that a new transaction key invalidates any old transaction key, so you should retain the new transaction key if you use it anywhere else.

For Sage Users

Please obtain the API Key and Transaction key when you login to Sage.

For TSYS Users

Please contact LeashTime Support for help with this.

Entering the Credit Card Merchant Info

In ADMIN > Preferences > Billing Preferences, there is a setting called "Credit Card Merchant Info".  Click this to tell LeashTime which Credit Card Gateway you want to deal with and what credentials (described above) to use in communicating with the Credit Card Gateway.

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