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How do I change the email address in Leashtime?

Email Addresses in LeashTime


LeashTime gives you lots of control over the manager's email address:


ADMIN > Managers / Dispatchers (accessible to owner only)

The address associated with any manager or dispatcher's LeashTime login can be changed here.  This is the address used when Master Schedules are sent and the address that you need to supply when the manager needs to use the forgotten password link.


ADMIN > Preferences > General Business > Business Email
The email address that appears below your logo on invoice headers

ADMIN > Preferences > Outgoing Email > Sender Email Address
The email address that appears in the From: header field of outgoing emails.  Should be set only if you use your own SMTP server.  If you do not know what this means, please do not change the Sender Email Address.

ADMIN > Preferences > Outgoing Email > Reply to Email Address
The email address that (if supplied) appears in the Reply-to: header field of outgoing emails.  Some mail reader programs ignore this and reply to the From address.

ADMIN > Preferences > Outgoing Email >CC sent mail to
ALL outgoing email is CC'd to this address (if supplied).  We recommend that you supply the address for a dedicated "archive" mailbox (not your regular email address) if you supply anything at all.

ADMIN > Communication Preferences > Event Email Monitors (Event Notification Preferences)
For each staff member to be notified, you can specify which email address should receive notifications.


... and don't forget that if the manager is also a sitter, the sitter email address should be updated in the Sitter Profile Basic Info tab.


Please notify LeashTime support when you change your email address so that we can continue sending you newletters, support and invoices.

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