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How can my IC sitters submit invoices for their work?

The Sitter Invoice Feature

If your business's sitters are independent contractors (IC's), then you may want them to be able to submit invoices for their work before you pay them.  LeashTime makes that possible, but you first need to ask LeashTime Support to enable that optional feature for your business.

Once the Sitter Invoice feature is enabled, you can give your sitters the following instructions to submit their invoices.  Submitted invoices appear in the Client Request section at the top of the LeashTime manager's Home page.

IMPORTANT: Only visits marked COMPLETE will appear on your Current Pay page and in the invoices you submit.

  1. Login to LeashTime as a sitter.
  2. From the PAY menu, choose Current Pay:
  3. On the Current Pay screen, set the dates for which you want to invoice and click the Show button to review your payables:
  4. Click the Submit Invoice... button to enter a note (optional) and send in your invoice:
  5. In the light box that appears, enter your note and click the Submit Invoice button:

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