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How can I make the login page look like my business website?

LeashTime gives you two ways to offer a LeashTime login form that looks like your website to your customers:

The Easy Way

Link to from a page on your web site.  This page approximates the look of your website so the customer won't be confused or doubtful when they are asked to provide login information.  A variant of this link includes a QR Code (also known as a mobile code) which your customers can scan with their mobile phones to "grab" the link for use on their phones: .
To use this link you must replace the NNN with your LeashTime business ID.  Contact LeashTime support to obtain your business ID.

The Slick Way (Embedded)

With some HTML coding experience, you can embed the login form in a page on your own website.  This means that the form could be included on the home page or some other page, and the customer could login without clicking over to another page first.  You have complete control over the look and content of the form in this approach.

Most LeashTime business clients start out with the easy way, but some switch over to the embedded form.  To embed the form, you must
  • have edit access to your site's web space
  • understand the HTML structure of the page you are going to embed the form in
  • know how to incorporate the login form's Javascript (used for client-side form validation) into the web page
  • remember to set the value of the failuredestination field to the URL of your login page (see below)

You can download the embeddable login form here: .  To use this link you must replace the NNN with your LeashTime business ID.  Contact LeashTime support to obtain your business ID.  Although this form is partially customized for your business (that is, the "bizid" field already has your business ID in it), one other customization is required.  As the instruction comments in the file you downloaded describe, the failuredestination hidden input field must be set to the URL of your login page or to a page that displays a login failure message, and it is up to you as the site programmer to decide what that page should do when the client's login attempt fails.

Also, there is one section of the form that most customers decide to eliminate.  The SELFSTART section offers a link to a page on LeashTime where clients that you have added to LeashTime can set up their own login username and password.  Any LeashTime user can change her own password, but this feature allows a customer to make the one-time choice of his own LeashTime username.  This feature confuses some customers, so many businesses opt to omit it and to choose usernames for their customers.

Please contact LeashTime Support if you have any questions about these LeashTime login form options.

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