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How can I customize the invoice that I send my customers?

On the invoice itself, there are several options:


The Invoice Header

Go to ADMIN > Preferences > Billing Preferences > Invoice Header

Here you will typically put your logo, address, phone, etc.  But if you wish you put additional text in here you can.


The Invoice Itself

There are other invoice preferences here as well:

  • Suppress Visit Time of Day in Statements
  • Suppress Visit Sitter Name in Statements
  • Include a gratuity line at the end of invoices
  • Suppress the "Detach Here" line in invoices

which you can turn on or off.


The Invoice Email Template


Go to ADMIN > Client Management > Email Templates and choose Invoice Email. Here you can modify the cover email that goes with each invoice.


Watch the How to Create Email Templates video for more information about Email Templates.

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