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How does LeashTime accommodate backup sitters?

Each client can be assigned one sitter as a primary (or default) sitter.  A client's primary sitter can see that client's name in her list of clients and can view the client's profile.  LeashTime offers no special fields for second or third choice sitters, but it accommodates other sitters for the client in several other ways.


Sitter's Client List


The sitter's client list includes not just clients for whom the sitter is marked as the primary sitter, but also any clients who the sitter is scheduled to visit in the next 14 days.


Manager's Sitter Menus


Wherever menus of sitter names are offered to the manager and admins for scheduling purposes, these menus distinguish the name of the client's primary sitter in the menu and show other active sitters who have served (or are scheduled to serve) the client in question in a separate section.  This helps the scheduler narrow down the list of candidate sitters for visit assignment.

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