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Can my sitters manage keys in LeashTime?

A manager in your business has a broad range of capabilities managing the keys to your clients' homes.  Besides checking client keys into a key safe or checking them out to sitters, the manager can perform Key Audits and generate reports to make sure the keys are where they should be.

Sitters can be granted rights to manage keys, and the degreee of control they are granted is up to you.

Granting Sitters Permission

In a sitter's profile, the Employment tab has a setting called "Key Management Rights".  If this is set to "None", then the sitter cannot change anything having to do with keys.

If her rights are "Individual", then she can check keys that are in her possession into a key safe, check keys out of a key safe to her own key ring, edit her own keys' properties, report a key as being lost, and review her own set of keys.

If a sitter's key rights are "Admin", then she has full rights to work with all of the keys in the system.

Admin Key rights include:

  • Check In - recording that a key has been returned to a Key Safe (secure key storage) from a sitter.
  • Check Out - recording that a key has been given to a sitter from a Key Safe.
  • Edit Key - allowing the direct reassignment of key copies between the client, sitters, and key safes and the change of key properties such as Description, Lock Location, and Key Hook.
  • Report Key Lost - self explanatory.
  • Sitter Keys - for review of keys in one sitter's possession, transfer of keys to other sitters, and access to individual keys for editing.
  • Key Audit - for emailing every sitter who hold keys to make sure that the system's key accounting matches reality.
  • Key Location Report - for reviewing where all keys in the system are right now.
  • Key Safe Manager - for maintining the list of secure locations where your clients' keys are stored.

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