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Why do Evening Visits show up in the Afternoon column of the Calendar View (WAG)?

The time frames for the columns in the Calendar View are not connected in any way with the names in your visit time frame list (which you can change at ADMIN > Client Management > Named Time Frame List).  Unlike named visit time frames, the column names must be few in number and must not have any gaps between them.

The default column time frames are:

  • Morning - midnight-10:59
  • Midday - 11:00-14:59
  • Afternoon - 15:00-18:59
  • Evening - 19:00-midnight

LeashTime Support can change the column time frames for you if you want.  We recommend four time columns, but three would be fine (space gets a little tight with five).  Just send us the column labels and time frames you would like to see in the Calendar View.  Bear in mind that more than four columns are not recommended and the time frames must not have any gaps between them.

Default Columns in the Calendar

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