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Why Can't I Upload Pet Photos to LeashTime?

The newer smartphones have cameras that can take very fine photos.  The "fineness" or resolution of a digital photo is measured in megapixels (or millions of pixels -- a pixel being a single dot of color).  The more megapixels a photo contains, the more the photo can be enlarged without getting blurry or blocky.  More megapixels means bigger files to store photos, and bigger files mean that your phone's storage fills up more quickly.  Bigger files also mean slower uploads and can mean higher data bills on your cellphone bill.


LeashTime sets practical limits on photo uploads.  If you upload new photos for multiple pets in one client profile update, bear in mind that LeashTime currently allows:

  1. up to 20 files to be uploaded per request
  2. individual files no larger than 5MB to be uploaded
  3. no more than 16MB total to be uploaded per request

If you exceed these limits, LeashTime will let you know.  And in the case of the last constraint, you will lose the changes you made to the form before clicking the Save button.  It's unfortunate,  but that is how it works.

You can greatly reduce this problem by reducing the size of the photos you upload to LeashTime.  See: How can I change the size of the photos my Smartphone takes?

If you are a crime scene investigator or take pictures of family gatherings that you will want to enlarge and print later (or both) the more megapixels your photos contain the better.  But if you are using your camera to snap pictures of your clients' pets to upload to LeashTime, you can save yourself time and money by taking photos that upload faster and still look great on the computer screen.  LeashTime scales photos down to fit in a 300 pixel X 300 pizel box anyway, so all the extra detail you get in larger photos is usually wasted.

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