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How can I Request Payment by PayPal?

You can add a PayPal payment link to your Invoice Header and Invoice Preview Header.  Each LeashTime invoice or billing statement you send out has a header that you can customize in ADMIN > Preferences > Billing Preferences.  If the document is a finalized invoice (with an Invoice number) or a billing statement then the header definition used is the Invoice Header setting.  If the document is an invoice preview (sent from the Clients > Invoices page) then the Invoice Preview Header is used instead.  This alternative allows you to include a brief message such as "Please review the visits and charges below and let us know if there is anything that needs to be corrected.".

To add a PayPal payment link, you just add a little bit of HTML to the headers.  The link should look something like:

<a href=""><img src="" width="180" height="64" border="0">Pay Now</a>

This example works for accepting US dollars. To accept Australian dollars, add &currency_code=AUD right after no_note=1. CAD and GBP will work for Canada and Great Britain, respectively. You can google "paypal currency code" for other currencies.

When the invoice is prepared, LeashTime substitutes the amount due for the #AMOUNTDUE# token.

You would (of course) have to put in sensible values for BUSINESSPAYPALEMAILADDRESS and ITEMNAME. BUSINESSPAYPALEMAILADDRESS is the email address associated with your business PayPal account. ITEMNAME is a label that PayPal will use in the page it puts up when it asks for money. Since this is part of a URL, the label has to be encoded (to replace spaces and some other characters). One example might be In+home+Pet+Care. Even better is In+home+Pet+Care+(@#CLIENTID#).  The advantage of adding the (@#CLIENTID#) part is that when you receive payment via PayPal, you will see the LeashTime ID of the paying client right after an "at" sign.  E.g., "@789".  Then you can paste that "@789" into the LeashTime Search box to jump right to that client's profile to enter the payment. The encoding can get a little hairy looking, but it starts by replacing any spaces with plus signs.

Feel free to use the PayPal image URL included above, or you can use another image of your own choosing as long as you have a URL for it.

The example above might look like:

... and clicking the PayPal link would show this:

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