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How do I delete a sitter in LeashTime?

LeashTime does not allow you to delete sitters, because it is an irreversible step that can have lots of consequences (like the obscuring service and payroll history). We encourage you to mark sitters "inactive" instead (see the "Active" checkbox in the the Basic Info tab of the sitter profile) when you no longer want to see them. Inactive sitter names don't appear in the search box menu and are generally kept out of your way.

If you are really sure you never want to see any of a sitter's information again, we will do the dirty work for you. Just:

  1. mark the sitter "inactive",
  2. change the sitter's last name to DELETE,
  3. and ask LeashTime Support to delete the marked sitter.

If you will be doing this with several sitters, let us know after you have marked them all for deletion. Typically the only times you will ever want to do this is after you have discovered duplicate sitters, have ascertained which sitter to keep, and want to reduce confusion in your database.

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