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How can LeashTime help me add a new client info request form to my website?

When a new visitor to your website decides she wants to learn more about your services or wants to request service from you, she can call you up or she could use a info request form on your site.  LeashTime offers two ways to integrate this kind of form into your website, a form that not only generates a request on the Client Request queue on your LeashTime home page, but which can be used to automatically create a new LeashTime client from the information the client supplies.  In both methods, the NNN value must be replaced with your LeashTime business ID.  If you do not know your LeashTime business ID, please contact LeashTime Support.



Custom (Embeddable)

  • Hosted by you
  • Fields can be added to it
  • Very modifiable
  • HTML experience required

Please see the following page for instructions for incorporating an embeddable prospect form into your site.  At the bottom is a working form.  Please note that this page should not be used as is.  It needs to be modified and then embedded in your site:

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