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Why don't I receive replies to my client emails?

By default, LeashTime uses its own SMTP server to send out email. Emails received from it appear to be from

Your Business name <>

If you specify a "Reply-to" email address in ADMIN > Preferences > Outgoing Email, then LeashTime includes the "Reply-to" header in the email messages it sends. Some, but not all of your clients use email reader programs that make use of this header (instead of the address above) when the recipient hits the "Reply" button. Those that ignore the Reply-to field respond to

When a recipient sends email back to Your Business name <>, it lands in the InBox. There it stays because no one reads that folder. In this way, some client and sitter responses can go astray and be missed.

Whenever you make ANY changes to your Outgoing Email preferences, you should use the Test Outgoing Email link. If that test fails, your email will not be sent. In this case you should undo your changes and use the Test Outgoing Email link again.

To avoid this problem, we recommend that you tell LeashTime to use your own SMTP server (that is, the server which serves the regular email needs for your business) instead of LeashTime's server. This can be a little tricky to set up, so we are very happy to help you with it if you want assistance. I you would like us to help, please have this information ready (get it from your email provider if necessary):

  • Name of your email provider (GMail, Yahoo, GoDaddy, AOL, etc.)
  • SMTP Host address
  • SMTP Port
  • Security (none, ssl, sslv2, sslv3, tls, or starttls)
  • Email User ID (may or may not be the same as your email address)
  • Email Password (please do NOT share this with us or anyone else, just have it ready)

(LeashTime has another field, "Sender email address", for use in conjunction with your own SMTP server. This field should NOT be set if you are using LeashTime's SMTP server, because to many receiving email servers a message received from a server in the "" domain that claims to be from a "" email address looks suspiciously like a scam.)


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