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How can I add a "Contact Us" form for new clients to my website?

LeashTime offers two ways to integrate a "Contact Us" or information request form into your website. A request submitted using this form is useful in gathering new client information and can be turned into a new client with the click of a button.

Both methods require that you know your LeashTime business ID. Contact LeashTime support to obtain your business ID.

Standard Method


Custom (Embeddable) Method

  • Hosted by you
  • Fields can be added to it
  • Very modifiable
  • HTML experience required


Please see the following page for instructions for incorporating an embeddable prospect form into your site. At the bottom is a working form. Please note that this page should not be used as is. It needs to be modified and then embedded in your site:
(X must be replaced with your LeashTime business ID)

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