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How do I send a client confirmation (or re-confirmation) of an upcoming schedule?

LeashTime does not automatically email clients confirmation of upcoming schedules, but it can remind a manager of upcoming schedules and makes it easy to send confirmation to clients.

For petsit clients (those scheduled with EZ Schedule), we can generate a Billing Reminder (which allows you to send either an Invoice Statement or Schedule confirmation). You will need to turn these on by doing the following:

  1. Go to Admin > Preferences > Billing Preferences
  2. If you want to get a reminder 2 days before the schedule starts, choose the Billing Reminder Lookahead option and change it to "2"
  3. When a billing reminder appears in the Request Queue (labeled "Start schedule..." or "End Schedule...") open the reminder and clickthe Send Confirmation button. You will be able to review it prior to sending it.
  4. The composer window will appear and pull in the "Client's Schedule" template. You will likely want to customize the template. To do so, go to Admin > Client Management > Email Templates.
  5. In the section labeled "Other Templates", choose Client's Schedule. Modify and be sure to save. You should use the Preview button to make sure it renders as you expect.
  6. To send an Invoice Statement instead, click the Send Statement button. You will be able to review it prior to sending it.
  7. The template for sending a statement is called Invoice Email in "Other Templates".

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