We have released a new version of the Week at a Glance (WAG) feature with useful new functionality. If you don’t know about the Week at a Glance feature, you really should check it out; on the Home page click on that boring little boxy icon on the line next to the Key and the Clock icons to see what all the excitement is about.

The first change you will notice is the cleaner, simpler look; now there is now just one button. The “Show Canceled Visits”, “Printable List”, “Detail View/Summary View”, and “Minimize/Maximize All Days” features have all moved into the new “Options” pulldown menu.


This Options menu adds new functionality as well.

“Show Sitter Color Codes” assigns a color to each sitter and highlights that sitter’s name with that color wherever the name appears on the page.

Filter Sitters” lets you limit the view so that only the sitters you choose are displayed in this WAG session.

“Workload Report” takes the starting and ending dates currently shown in the WAG and opens a new report called the “Workload Report” for that date range in the main LeashTime window.

The Workload Report is pretty cool. First off it shows you a total count of sitter visits (all sitters or a selected sitter) for each day in the date range. It also shows you the number of visits in each of your WAG column time ranges (usually Morning, Midday, Afternoon, etc.) for each day. And, best of all, you can click on the total visit count for a day to see a detail view showing how many visits are assigned to each sitter in each time range.