LeashTime has a tremendous amount of flexibility with billing your clients. It is typical to have two different billing policies associated with different types of clients: recurring clients (daily dog walking) and pet sitting clients. LeashTime allows you to apply two different billing policies, if necessary, to these different client segments.
When you go to the billing page, clients are automatically segmented depending on whether their visits were created with the Recurring Schedule Editor or the EZ Schedule editor.
Now that we have covered some background on what the billing page displays, let’s go ahead and walk through the steps to send out an invoice.
Send an Invoice
1. Make sure you have a client with services scheduled (past or future)
2. Go to the main menu option CLIENTS > Billing 2017
3. Click the button showing current month in either Recurring or Non-Recurring section (or both).
4. Find client, click amount shown in Net Due column.
5. Review the invoice. Click Send Email (will not send to client yet)
Send multiple invoices for a billing period
1. Go to the main menu option CLIENTS > Billing 2017
2. Click button for current month (or your preferred billing cycle date range).
3. Select multiple clients by clicking the checkbox next to their name or use the select all option.
4. Click Send Invoices
The main difference in billing Recurring and Non-Recurring clients has to do with what is included in the invoice when the schedule end after or begins before the current billing period.
With recurring clients, this is easy. All visits in the current billing period should be billed.
For non-recurring clients, this is not obvious. For instance, a typical non-recurring (pet sitting) client might have the following schedule attributes:
– Booking a Thanksgiving Holiday pet sit in a year where Thanksgiving Day is on November 28th and the weekend ends on December 1.
– The client books from the Wednesday the 27th to December 2
– You typically bill your recurring clients on a monthly basis, prepaid at the beginning of the month
– If you were to apply the same billing rules to recurring clients and the Thanksgiving petsit clients, your petsit clients would be billed for Nov 27, 28, 29, 30. Then, the following month, they would be billed for Dec 1, 2. You would be splitting the invoicing across two of your typical billing cycles.
– While you can do this in LeashTime, you likely want to bill the petsit clients for the entire schedule rather than breaking it up across two billing cycles.
At this point, you likely want to bill the recurring clients for all visits between Nov 1 and Nov 30. However, you likely want to bill your Petsit clients for all visits on their schedule, EVEN IF THE SCHEDULE ENDS IN THE NEXT BILLING PERIOD. LeashTime understands that you likely want to apply two different billing policies depending on the type of schedule a client has. However, if this is not the case and you want to treat both groups the same, you may check the Literal option for Non-Recurring clients and apply the same billing policy to both groups.