Catch overdue visits before they become a big problem with LeashTime’s new Overdue Visits notifications.

LeashTime notifies you at the top of your Home page (and by email if desired) when a certain number of minutes elapses after the end of a visit’s time frame and the visit is still incomplete.

In ADMIN > Preferences > General Business, you can use the “Overdue Visit Notification Preferences” setting to decide which sitters to monitor, whether to ignore visits that have been marked “arrived”, and lets you set the grace period after the end of the time frame for the system to wait before it raises the alarm.

An individual sitter can be designated to be monitored using a check box in the sitter’s Employment tab.

Any manager who receives email notifications of Client Requests will also be notified when Overdue Visit notifications are generated. (See ADMIN > Communication Preferences > Event Email Monitors).