Have you ever wanted to see the number of cancellations in a given month or maybe for a given year of a particular client? Maybe you want to see the average length of time for a specific service, Analyze how many and what kind of services your sitters are performing, and how much revenue and pay comes from these visits.  Now LeashTime is offering a new report that has unlimited possibilities.

ADMIN > REPORTS > Clients > Visit Detailed Analysis

This is a report for managers to produce a filtered list of detailed visit data. The onscreen version has date, client, sitter, service, status, schedule type, charge and rate info, but the downloadable spreadsheet version includes more detail.


At present, the following filters are available onscreen:

  • Date range (required)
  • Sitter
  • Client
  • Status
  • Service Type (multi-select)
  • Schedule Type


The onscreen version lists details of individual visits according to the criteria supplied. Below that list, visits are summarized by sitter, including visit count, revenue, nominal hours*, actual visit time, and pay.


The downloadable version can be sorted and manipulated easily in Excel and can offer endless possibilities.


* Nominal hours sums the service time of these visits, as specified in ADMIN > Service List.