New Releases –  LeashTime for Sitters App

The LeashTime sitter mobile app has undergone major changes in architectural design to better address the widely varying conditions in the environment (e.g. no network connection). The reliability and responsiveness of the app have been vastly improved.

LeashTime Professional Pet Sitter app – iPhone version 3.65
– Battery power has been optimized by turning GPS tracking on/off
– Fixed formatting issue with Client profile details view (Basic Notes)

Download the new iPhone version from the Apple Store

LeashTime for Sitter app – Android version 2.0

Marking visits arrived and complete: Swipe and Tap.

Swipe a visit right to make the word ARRIVE appear and tap ARRIVE to mark the visit.
To complete a visit, swipe it right to make the word COMPLETE appear and tap COMPLETE to mark it.
Colors: “Arrived” visits are now dark blue.  Future visits are light blue.

Photos: In the visit list tap a pet to take a photo.

Client Details: Tap the visit description for client details.  In the client details, tap the pet to see pet details.

– The detail views have been redesigned to improve speed in displaying as well as correcting formatting errors
– Eliminated user interface freezes
– Visit list view has been optimized for faster responsiveness

– Fixed sporadic crashing when cycling from background to foreground state
– Now ensure that requests which fail when no network is available are later re-sent.
– Numerous other minor fixes

– LeashTime for Sitter App 2.0 is listed in the Play Store as a new product and must be downloaded directly
– Download the 2.0 version from the Play Store. This new icon will have a green background (the older version has a blue background)
– The prior version (1.3) has been removed from the Play Store, but if you have it installed, it will continue working.
– It is best to uninstall the old version before you install the new version.

Download the new Android version from the Play Store

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at directly.

Thank you for using LeashTime