A manager can designate particular days and times on the Sitter Time Off Calendar (watch: How to Schedule Time Off) during which sitters cannot schedule time off. These “blackouts” do not restrict the manager, however. A manager can still set up a sitter time off at any time.

Specifying a Blackout

A blackout is just like a sitter time off in most respects. Just click on a blue plus sign where you want a blackout and then specify “BLACKOUT” as the sitter:

A blackout can cover a whole day, or just part of the day. A blackout can repeat, just like a sitter time off:

As a manager, you can edit and delete blackouts the same way you handle sitter times off.

Enforcing Sitter Time Off Blackouts

When a sitter tries to schedule time off that conflicts with a scheduled blackout he sees an error and the time off is not scheduled:

If the sitter tries to schedule a series of times off, some of them may be permitted and some may not, because of scheduled time off. An error message showing which times off could not be scheduled appears after the calendar has been refreshed:

NOTE: If the first time off in a repeating sequence of times off cannot be scheduled, none of the times off in that sequence will be scheduled.

Frequently Asked

Q: What if I want to let one sitter schedule time off during a blackout period?

A: Then you (as admin staff) can schedule that time off for them. Sitter Time Off Blackout Periods do not restrict admin staff in any way, so you just need to find out when a sitter wants time off during the blackout period and then schedule the time off for them.


Q: Does setting up a Sitter Time Off Blackout Period cancel any previously-scheduled sitter time off?
A: No, the blackout period merely prevents sitters (not admin staff) from scheduling new time off during the blackout

Q: If a sitter has previously scheduled sitter time off during what is now a blackout, can she delete it?

A: Yes, the sitter can delete her time off. She can also save changes to the time off, as long as it no longer conflicts with the blackout.