You know that your responsibility for your clients pets does not end after the last pet sitting visit in a vacation schedule; it ends when you know their owners are home again to take care of them.  LeashTime makes it very easy for pet parents to check in after their vacation, and for you to ensure that they have checked in.  It can even let your sitters know that the client has checked in.

At the end of a vacation schedule, The END Schedule notification in your Client Requests list on the Home page has a button labeled “Send Home Safe Request”.


Clicking this button opens an email composer:

When you send the message, your client will see something like this:


After clicking the link, your client sees a cheerful Welcome Home message:

And your END Schedule notification is updated:


The END Schedule notification is also automatically resolved so that it disappears from the Home page.

If you do not want END Schedule notifications to be resolved automatically when clients check in, you can control that in the Options panel.


In ADMIN > Preferences > General Business there is a link to “Home Safe Options “.  It opens this panel:

The default settings are shown above.  By default, the END Schedule notification will be resolved when a client responds to the Home Safe request.  Click “yes” to leave requests unresolved when clients respond.

If you want to send your sitters a memo when a client checks in at the end of the schedule, you can select “yes” for the second option:

Notify sitters when a client registers Home Safe”

When this is set up, each sitter who worked on the just-ended schedule will get a memo by email like this: