I feel like I went from living the American dream of owning my own pet care business for 21 years to living a nightmare all within a span of 6 weeks. In Minnesota we normally brace for subzero weather, snowstorms, tornados and maybe a bad year of cold/flu, but pandemic preparedness was never part of my dog walking/cat care business emergency plan.

But now I have a new normal, which by the way is a phrase I do not like.  Between Work from Home orders and Stay at Home orders, my pet care team is down to 2 sitters with only a couple walks for essential clients. I have spent the last few weeks filling out SBA forms, contacting banks for a PPP loan, applying for unemployment and being placed on hold when I try and call anyone. Most days I feel like a dog chasing its own tail.  I really should not complain, I am grateful that my family and friends are all safe and healthy currently.

When you find yourself paralyzed by fear of the unknown, remember what you can control.

LeashTime would like to remind everyone that we only bill for those Sitters that are scheduled for that given month. This means you will pay less for those times that your business dropped off.

This may be a good time to:

  • Review your customer Service Agreement and update it as necessary.
  • Clean up your customer list.
  • Try out some LeashTime features you have never used, or beta test some new features.
  • Consult with us about how you can get more out of LeashTime.

We would like to hear from LeashTime users how they are coping during this pandemic and how we can help.

Stay Safe everyone,
Jody Smith
Customer support
LeashTime LLC