This is the season of giving thanks and gratitude to those pet owners who have used your services this year. We know this time of year can be very hectic for your business, especially those offer pet sitting.  So to help you we have come up with a few great ideas for client gift giving.


Handmade gifts. If you are even a little crafty or like to bake, here are some great ideas.  It may seem like it’s too late for this, but some of these gifts are super easy to make.

  • Fleece toys: Pinterest is probably the best place to find DIY gifts. I myself did this a couple years ago, for the dogs I made tug toys and for the cats I made catnip fleece balls.
  • Treats: There are tons of recipes for making homemade dog/cat treats and most have simple ingredients. Here is a dog treat recipe that has only 3 ingredients. (does contain wheat). Another recipe with only 3 ingredients, gluten free and vegan:
  • Catnip or Nepeta cataria is a perennial that you can grow yourself. Maybe think about doing that for next year. I myself have a friend that has a patch in her yard, and my cat clients love getting fresh catnip.
  • Paw Balm: Michelle from Tails on Trails gave me the idea this year about making Paw Balm for our regular dog walking clients. Palm balm can protect the dogs paws in the cold/snowy weather. Lots of recipes again on Pinterest and we both found the tins and all the ingredients needed on Amazon.  I just finished a batch of these and they turned out great.
  • Customized cards: I have to thank Michelle for this idea again. She took photos that her team have captured and printed them in black and white, and then attached the print to a blank card. These blank cards can be purchased at Michaels or .





Purchased gifts: Whether you pick something up at your local store or find a retailer who can offer you wholesale prices, the choices are endless. I purchased 10oz and 5oz bag treats from at the wholesale price or you can buy in bulk from them and repackage them yourself.  The prices are reasonable and the peanut butter treats are a fan favorite.

Donation. Making a donation in lieu of a physical present is a great idea and it’s one size fits all.

I have learned over the years that it’s easy to go overboard on gifts, so I try to keep it simple and not break the bank in the process of giving gifts.

Happy Holidays.