It’s important to understand that when you change the prices in your Service List, that all services created after that point are going to reflect the new price change. It’s also VERY important to understand that if any existing visit is changed or refreshed, it will take on the new price. So the closer to the date you wish to change prices the better. Here are a few things or steps to help you through a price update.

  • Update the Service list, say a couple days before the date of the price increase.
  • Make sure you know which clients you have set a custom rate for and make sure those are either removed or hand updated.
  • Update your On-Going schedules. Since the On-Going schedules have already been created for visits in the future you will need to refresh the prices on existing visits scheduled. This may seem time consuming, but it only takes a couple clicks for each client.
    1.  Print the report from ADMIN > Reports> Clients> Clients with recurring schedules.
    2. Make sure the clients Billing tab prices reflects the new price or custom price.
    3. For each client – Edit the On-Going schedule. Change the date to the date of updated prices. Click on the Service type pull down menu, choose the blank space (top of the menu), than change it back to the correct service type. Save and make sure you read the Conflict resolution screen carefully. This will refresh the service price of all services going forward of the date change.


  • For EZ-schedules you again will need to refresh those in a similar fashion, but depending on service types you may need to hand select them. Edit the EZ-schedule and refresh the brains on the services. Selecting ALL and using the “Pick something to do” helps with this. Change the sitter or change the service type. This may take a little more time, but it will refresh the prices.