If you have been using LeashTime’s original standard Prospect Request form (the “New Client” or “Contact Us” form) to collect and manage leads, then you know that it is not very customizable.  The new Flexible Prospect Request form is more versatile.  It is still hosted on LeashTime’s server and still easy to set up, but offers more options than the original version.  Its features include:

  • a mobile-friendly version of the form
  • a customizable greeting at the top of the form.
  • ability to suppress Meeting Setup fields.
  • optional form spam protection.
  • optional constraint on phone numbers (digits only, with auto inserted dashes).
  • option to offer a single big box for the address, rather than separate fields.
  • option to make any of eleven fields required.
  • option to include several extra fields.


Configuring the Flexible Prospect Form

You can configure the flexible prospect form in ADMIN > Preferences > Client User Interface, using the “Prospect Form Options” link.  It opens an editor:

The Standard Prospect form is chosen by default.  You can see what it looks like by clicking the “Test Saved Settings (Computer)” link.  The Standard Prospect form is rendered the same way on a cell phone as it is on a computer screen.

To enable the Flexible Prospect Form, select the “Flexible Prospect Form ” option, customize the form as you like, and then click the “Save Changes” button.  This will tell LeashTime to present the Flexible Prospect Form instead of the standard form when anyone visits your contact us link (https://leashtime.com/prospect-request-form-custom.php?bizid=YOURBUSINESSID).

This change has immediate consequences: your clients will see the flexible version instead of the standard version as soon as you click Save Changes.




The Flexible Prospect Form Options


The greeting may contain HTML tags, but these should be used judiciously.  “Keep It Simple” is a good rule to follow here.

Suppress Meeting Setup Fields

Unless this box is checked, the “Would you like to schedule a meeting with us?” option and meeting schedule questions will be included in your prospect form.

Enforce Spam Protection

Some businesses (surprisingly few) that use LeashTime have become prey to “form spammers”.  A form spammer is a program that finds a form on the internet, fills it out with marketing drivel, and repeatedly submits it in the hope that someone, somewhere will read that drivel and click a link.  This creates a problem for the business owner whose Client Requests list becomes clogged with garbage requests.

LeashTime has devised a strategy to detect spam form submissions.  When this technology is enabled and it detects that a form submission is spam, it immediately labels the request as spam and marks it “resolved” so that it will not appear on the manager’s Home page.  It is not deleted, however, so the manager can periodically skim the spam requests in the Request Report to make sure LeashTime is not mistakenly marking legitimate requests as spam.  Look for resolved requests of the Prospect Spam request type (near the bottom of the request type menu).

Regardless of which fields you designate as required, LeashTime will judge any request that has neither an email address nor a phone number to be spam.

Enforce Digit-Only Phone Numbers

Check this box if you want clients to enter digits in the phone field.  If a client types anything other than a digit, it will not appear in the box.  If the user types in only numbers, LeashTime will insert dashes after each group of three digits, excluding the last group.  So “8005551212” will be rendered as “800-555-1212”.

Use One Big Box for Address

Some business managers want to make the prospect form as simple as possible for a client to fill in, so LeashTime offers the option to present a single multi-line text box for address entry in place of the usual Address, Address2, City, State, ZIP combination.  If you choose this option, be aware that the client’s gain is your loss; LeashTime will not try to break the client’s free-form version of an address into a usable address, so the manager will have to make sense of it and enter it manually.  We recommend that you do NOT use this option.

Assume that Phone field is a mobile (cell) phone, not home phone

This checkbox does not affect the prospect form itself.  Instead, it determines where LeashTime places the supplied Phone number when the prospect request is used to create a new client.  If the box is checked, the Phone field populates the Cell Phone field in the new client record.  Otherwise, the client’s Home Phone field is the destination.

Required Fields

The fields in this list, when checked, will be marked as “Required” on the form; the request form cannot be submitted unless all requirements are met.

When “Either Phone Or Email” is checked, it means that the user has to supply one or the other or both fields.  Whenever an email field is required, LeashTime will also require that the email address supplied is in a valid format.  It might be completely fake, but it must in the “someone@somewhere.something” form.

The “Full Address” box only applies if the “Use One Big Box for Address” box (see above) is checked.  The other address boxes only apply when the Use One Big Box for Address is not checked.

Please note: regardless of which fields you designate as required, LeashTime will judge any request that has neither an email address nor a phone number to be spam.  See the Enforce Spam Protection section above.

Extra Fields

The existing “Best time for us to call” field is now optional and a new “When do you need service?” field has been added as an option.

The form now offers a “How did you hear about us?” question as an option which may be offered as a simple fill-in or as a pulldown menu that is built using the Referral Categories you have defined in LeashTime.  Different businesses use LeashTime’s referral categories in different ways, so they are not always suitable for use in the prospect form.

Go to this page after prospect form submission

When a user submits the Prospect form, the browser changes to show your Business Home Page (defined in ADMIN > Preferences > General Business.  If for some reason that is not set, the browser shows a generic “Thanks for Contacting Us” page.  The Go to this page… option allows you specify some other page to take the user to instead, such as a “Thank you” page on your own website.

Please be sure to test the URL you enter, using the “Test URL” button, before you save your changes.

Other Options

More options may be added in the future, depending on demand and feasibility.

Viewing the Prospect Form

As soon as you save your changes to the flexible prospect form, clients who open the form will see the result.  To view the result yourself, you can use the “Test Saved Settings (Computer)” and “Test Saved Settings (Mobile)” links at the top of the editor.  As the labels suggest, these will show you the saved version of the prospect form, in both its mobile and computer versions.  So the way to use them is to save your changes, reopen the editor, and click on the links.

Caveat Usor

Since the prospect form will be seen by your clients, it is incumbent upon you to configure it carefully and test it thoroughly after changing it.

Flexible Prospect Form: Computer Version

The computer version of the flexible prospect form looks very similar to the original standard prospect form.


Flexible Prospect Form: Mobile Version

The mobile version of the flexible prospect form has been formatted to be more legible on mobile devices.  Fonts are larger and fields are easy to fill in.  Your business’s Invoice logo is shown at the top of the form.