We have added a new token that you can insert into your “Request Honored” and “Request Declined” email message templates.

The #REQUESTSUMMARY# token will be replaced with a summary of the request for Visit Cancellation, Visit Un-Cancellation, Visit Change requests, and General (Contact Us) requests.

So you could have a simple “Request Honored” email template that says:

We are happy to tell you that your request has been honored.

That would generate a note that looks like:

Dear Charlie Brown,
We are happy to tell you that your request has been honored.
You requested that we change a visit on Tuesday, December 22 at 3:00 pm-5:00 pm
You wrote:
Please try to get there closer to 3 pm than to 5 pm, since Rover has had a housetraining relapse recently and may not last until 5 pm.
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The client’s note is included for Visit Change requests and General (Contact Us) requests, but not Cancellation/Un-Cancellation requests.

When included, the client note as delivered will appear in italics. In the email composer, the client note will be enclosed in italics tags (<i>, </i>). In the example above, the client note would look like “<i>Please try to get there closer…</i>” in the email composer, but the italics tags would not be visible to the client upon receipt of the email.

We will be considering how to deal with other request types, such as Schedule requests, in the future.

As a reminder, you can make sure you are offered the “Request Offered” and “Request Declined” message composers using the Client Email communication preference “Automatic Request Resolution Emails” in ADMIN > Communication Preferences.

To edit the “Request Offered” and “Request Declined”email templates, go to ADMIN > Communication Preferences and click on “Email Templates” near the top. The templates you want to edit are in the “Other Templates” section at the bottom.

See the How to Create Email Templates video for more information.