Occasionally a pet owner will decide that one of your sitters is not suited to care for their pet.  Or a sitter will express the desire to stop working for a particular client.  The “Do Not Serve” feature allows you to prevent a sitter from being assigned to a client’s visits where such a mismatch has been recognized.

Here’s how it works:

In the Sitter’s Employment tab a new section at the bottom lets you choose clients the sitter will no longer serve.

The “Add Client to Do Not Serve List” button opens a dialog where you can choose the client to be added to the Do Not Serve list:

Once you have selected the client, you click OK…

… and the chosen client is added to the Do Not Serve list

When you Save Changes to the sitter profile:

  • Any checked clients are added to (or retained in) the Do Not Serve list.
  • Any un-checked clients are removed from the Do Not Serve list.
  • Each newly added client is completely dissociated from the sitter:
    1. the sitter is no longer the client’s primary sitter
    2. future visits to the client previously assigned to the sitter are unassigned
    3. future schedules for the client associated with the sitter are unassigned
  • In sitter menus for a client, when the client belongs to a sitter’s “Do Not Serve” list, the sitter’s name will not appear.
  • Any newly added clients are listed in a lightbox, along with a link to the “Former Clients of XXX” page

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