LeashTime offers a fine degree of control over which sitters will be assigned to a client.  Besides the ability for you to tell LeashTime that a sitter is not to serve that client in the future, LeashTime lets you designate a set of sitters as “Preferred Sitters” and helps you find the sitters who live nearest to the client.

These features come into play when you use the sitter pulldown menu on a schedule or an individual visit, saving you time and helping you avoid mistakes.

Client Sitters

Here is how to manage your client sitter preferences.  In the Basic Info tab client’s profile page, you will see a small icon to the left of the Default Sitter pulldown menu:

Click on this icon to open the Client Sitters page.  When you do, LeashTime will make sure you have saved the changes you may have just made to the client’s profile by asking you to click OK to save your changes.  Click Cancel instead if you do not want your changes saved.  Either way, the client’s Sitters page will open up:

The Sitters page has three major sections:

Do Not Assign 

This section allows you to designate sitters who will not be assigned to work for this client in the future.  This feature is really just another view of the Do Not Serve feature offered in the Sitter’s profile.  Only instead of placing the focus on which clients the sitter should not serve, here the focus is on which siiters should not be assigned to the client.

Clicking the [ Add Sitter to Do Not Assign List ] opens a chooser dialogue where you can choose a disfavored sitter to add to the list.  Changes are not actually saved until you click the [ Save Changes ] button when you are done.  At that time, only sitters whose names are checked in the list will be saved in the Do Not Assign list:


Preferred Sitters

The Preferred Sitters section allows you to build an ordered list of sitters who are preferred over other sitters for this client.  Instructions on the page remind you how to manage the list.  You can click on the [ Add a Preferred Sitter ] button to open a dialog where you can find the sitter you wish to add to the list, or you can click the arrow (▶) for one of the sitters shown in the Nearest Active Sitters section.  Either way, the added sitter’s name appears at the end of the list.

To reorder the list, all you need to do is move the mouse cursor over a sitter’s name in the Preferred Sitter list, press and hold the left mouse key, and drag the sitter’s name to the desired place in the list.

Changes are not actually saved until the [ Save Changes ] button is clicked when you are done.  At that time, only sitters whose names are checked in the list will be saved in the Preferred Sitters list.

Nearest Active Sitters

The Nearest Active Sitters list is provided to help you make the decision about which sitters to add to the Preferred Sitters list.  Proximity may never be the only factor in choosing preferred sitters, but it often plays a part, alongside sitter availability, experience, workload, and reliability.

Bear in mind that if you have not supplied a sitter’s address in the Basic Info tab of the sitter’s profile, that sitter will not appear in  the Nearest Active Sitter list.

As noted above the arrow (▶) on the line for a sitter can be clicked to add that sitter to the Preferred Sitter’s list.

The Sitter Menu

The whole point of the Do Not Assign and Preferred Sitters list is to make selecting a sitter for a particular client’s visits easier to do and harder to mess up.  Accordingly, these lists have visible effects on the sitter pulldown menu in schedule and visit editors.

  1. Sitters who appear in the client’s Do Not Assign list are omitted entirely from the sitter pulldown menu.
  2. The Preferred Sitters appear as a group in the order that you listed them.
  3. The Default Sitter’s name has an asterisk in front of it.
  4. Past Sitters and other sitters appear last in the sitter menu.