Customizing the Client Request List

By default the Client Request list on the Home page shows the client name, request type, date/time and address, and phone number of the request.  You may find these columns very useful, or you might think the address or phone number unnecessary.

The Home Page Request List Columns chooser, available in ADMIN > Preferences > Display Preferences makes the address and phone number columns optional, and allows you to include note information from the request right in the list.

Here is the chooser:


The Request Note is the note (if any) entered by the client.  “Office Notes” refers to the Office Notes entered in the request by office staff.

After you save your changes, the list on the Home page will match your choices.  This chooser affects the appearance of the Request List for all managers and staff.

Here is an example of the default Client Request list format, and below that is a modified version with the Address and Phone columns removed and the Note field added: