Client Screen Notices
At certain times it is handy to display a notice to logged-in clients. The features described here let you schedule a message to be shown for a defined date range when a client logs in and another message when a client clicks on REQUEST VISITS.
You can set these notices in ADMIN > Preferences > Client User Interface, using the Client Login Notice and Client Scheduler Welcome Message options.
The notice editor looks like this:

It’s pretty self-explanatory. If no dates are supplied, the notice will start appearing immediately and continue to do so indefinitely. This is useful for a generic Welcome message.
The title, if supplied can be centered or left justified and you can choose one of three font sizes for it.
The message itself can be centered or left justified as well. It should not contain any HTML tags (if you don’t know what this means, don’t worry). For shorter messages, using a larger font can save your clients some eye strain, but to make longer messages visible, you might need to use the “small” setting or one of the intermediate choices. Choices range from “small” to “10% larger”, “20% larger”, etc. all the way up to 100% larger.
If you want to save the announcement but not make it immediately available, choose a start date in the future.

Clicking “Preview” will show you what the notice will look like using the current settings:

Note: to close the preview without closing the notice editor, click the “inside” close button instead of the outer close button:

Thank you for using LeashTime