Whether you have been in business for only a short time or for years, taking credit cards can help any pet sitting business with their billing processes. Here are just a few advantages that may help you determine if taking credit cards is right for your business.

Clients love the convenience. Think about how many checks you have had to write in the last month, I bet it was less than a handful if any. Using credit cards & debit cards are becoming the norm for paying your bills and so why not offer this to your clients. Clients also appear to tip more often when using a credit card and are not as afraid of the cost when they use a credit card.  Clients also may use a credit card that is offering them rewards for purchases that they make.

No more handling of checks. Whether the clients would leave the check at the house or mail it to you, you no longer have to go through the messy process of collecting checks. Sure some banks make it super easy and you can scan the check directly to the bank, but you still have to enter that information in to LeashTime and properly dispose of the check. Taking credit cards can save you time as well as saving the hassle of checks.

Control of cash flow. Requiring credit cards to be kept securely on file in LeashTime allows for you to control the cash flow. You can have a regular billing cycle and no longer are you waiting for checks to arrive or clear from the clients.  Most credit card companies also are funding you within 24-48 hours.

These are just a few of the advantages of taking credit cards. There is of course some disadvantages associated with taking credit cards, the merchant banks/gateways charge you fees, different types of cards can have higher fees and credit cards expire. LeashTime does not charge you extra for using credit cards and we also give you a few choices, so that you can shop for the lowest fees for taking credit cards. LeashTime also allows your clients to enter their own credit card numbers, so you are not handling the cards or numbers at all.

Here is additional information on taking credit cards in LeashTime:

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LeashTime also has a handy report that allows you to see which client credit cards have expired or are about to expire. ADMIN > Reports > Clients > Client credit cards