LeashTime streamlines your pet sitting business.  But to get the most out of it, you will want to follow a few best practices.  These 5 simple suggestions will help you keep LeashTime running smoothly.



1. Client Requests on the Home page.

Requests from your clients and other notices are very important, so LeashTime features them at the top of your screen.  But if you leave them unresolved, they can pile up, pushing the Unassigned Visits section further from your view, even below the bottom of the window.  So try to resolve your client requests as soon as possible to keep this list short.  Remember! Resolving a request does not delete it.  You can view resolved requests with one click of the “Show resolved requests also” link right above the list.  The Request Report offers even more flexibility to review your requests and notices.

2. Speed Up Your Home Page with the Daily Summary.

If your business does a moderate number of visits each day, the Home page comes up pretty fast.  But as the number of daily visits climbs near 100 visits, the page refresh can slow down and take more time.  When this happens, it is time to switch to the Daily Summary view instead.  This view of the Home page comes up very fast and shows you at a glance who is working and how many visits they are doing.  Tapping on a name opens that sitter’s section in the same detail the Full Home Page view offers, and you can view multiple sitters at once.  You can make the Daily Summary view your default view under ADMIN > Preferences > Your Own Preferences (top) > Home Screen Mode.

3. Stay on Top of Incomplete Visits.

Visits turn yellow when they are incomplete and overdue, to help you ensure that all visits get done.  Marking them complete helps you determine exactly what must be paid for, and what you owe your sitters.  Since sitters are paid only for the visits they complete, they have a strong incentive to mark visits complete on their own.  Encourage them to do so, and use the “Send Reminders to Selected Sitters” button in the Incomplete Visits section at the bottom of the Home page to send them reminders.  Use the “Mark Selected Visits Complete” button in the same section when necessary once you have determined that the work has been done.


4. Using Payroll/Commissions report to mark visits as paid.

When you run the Payroll/Commissions report (under the Sitter menu), it’s important to mark the visits as paid. By leaving visits marked unpaid you slow this report down and you also run into the chance of paying a sitter for the same visits twice. I know many LT users are not using this report to pay the sitters directly as they have employees, but the visits should still be marked as paid in LT.

5) Entering Payments in a timely fashion.

It sounds like a simple step, but sometimes you get busy and those checks/payments may start to pile up on your desk.  It’s best to enter a clients payment into LeashTime as soon as possible. This process makes it easier for you to see how much the client truly owes you at any given time.